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How to file your income tax return on your own @ Mytaxreturns?

4 simple steps, 5 humble minutes

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    with us

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    Fill your
    income details

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    E-File with Income-tax Department

Customer’s take
Flawless experience. Filed my return on my own for the first time, thanks.”
- Mr Gaurav Gupta, New Delhi

The Mytaxreturns Experience

  • Zero Error
  • Secure
  • Convenience in your hand
  • Get maximum tax refund
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Did you know?

You can add multiple PANs and work on multiple years at the same time.

Taxes have changed with Expert Assistance @ Mytaxreturns

Customer’s take

  • “Never knew I was paying so much extra taxes due to my unawareness about my deductions. He helped me through the entire process. Kudos MTR team” - Mr. Danish, Gurgaon

  • “Honestly, I don’t understand tax but these guys at Mytaxreturns made sure that I am aware of each and everything in my Tax calculation and the return, thanks!” - Mr. Gaurav Gupta

  • “Initially I was very unsure of getting my return filed through a website but the level of professionalism and assistance I got from mytaxreturns is really appreciable.” - Ms. Kusum Jassal

We pick up your documents from your home for free.

The Mytaxreturns Advantage

  • Unleash every tax deduction available to you.

    The Income tax Act has 100s of sections & rules, let an Expert find out the best for you

  • Experience Counts.

    Our tax professionals with years of experience ensure that you get the best tax advantage.

  • Get personalised tax advice.

    Stop reading blogs and tips, get your tax profile checked by our professional.

  • Year round support.

    We are just a call away, speak to our Expert, whenever you have any questions.

  • Confidential.

    We understand the sensitivity of your information. We ensure utmost confidential standards.

Did you know?

We pick up your documents from your home for free.

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File Tax Return Online

Filing income tax returns for any individual is viewed as a cumbersome and tedious process, given the number of steps involved at each step. Well, not so when one can find a one-stop solution for all taxation related queries and a step by step manual at! File income tax return easy with a range of services provided here with us. From tax computation by Experts to free pick up of documents and much more, we will ensure that all your doubts are appropriately clarified during the entire process, and maintain complete transparency every step of the way.

To ensure that all your documents and information are safe when you file tax return online, our portal is 256 bit encrypted, and documents once uploaded can be accessed anytime without any hassle. We understand the security and confidentiality of your data and therefore we follow guidelines as laid down by Indian laws and e-filing regulations.

We have various packages for online ITR filing in India ranging from packages designed for income from salary and other sources, house property, capital gains, to income earned by freelancers, consultants and professionals. Mytaxreturns also cater to taxation queries of NRIs, expatriates and corporate employers. Connect with us for an error and hassle-free, computation and online income tax return filing. Happy filing!

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