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About My tax returns

My Tax Returns is a solution by Concore Business Services Private Limited (Concore). We, as a team, have always imagined ways to improve our client experience. Our vision is to make the next generation self-dependent for all tasks related to managing their finances. Keeping this in mind, our solutions endeavour to create a fresh and pleasant experience for our clients. We believe that Tax being a very technical subject, most of the time clients have a sense of disconnect. Hence, here we are with our solution www.mytaxreturns.in; Mytaxreturns as a platform aims at providing the best possible solution to clients who prefer managing most of the Tax affairs on their own (such as salaried individuals, freelancers, small businesses etc).

Mytaxreturns tries to mend the gap by providing a very easy and user friendly atmosphere for the clients to manage their tax affairs efficiently. Also taking care of those who wish expert guidance and assistance for managing their tax matters, we have selected best experts who join hands with our clients to solve their tax issues. Please feel free to share your experience with us @ contact us; Happy filing!

About Concore

We are a team of professionals who believe in providing innovative, practical and efficient solutions to meet the strategic needs of businesses.

Our approach derives its essence from our values which embed integrity, ethics and optimism as ingredients. We delve into core of every business problem or dilemma so as to derive solution that counts and is perhaps why we call ourselves Concore (Core Consultants). Our mission is to define new benchmarks for consultancy. We stretch ourselves to deliver excellence through our endeavours to enable our clients achieve their goals.

We believe that research is the only probable course of action to provide the finest advice for any situation; therefore we consistently deploy an essential portion of our resources and time in conducting extensive research on various matters, with or without client engagement.

We believe as consultants our role and responsibility extends not only towards our clients but also to the Government. We assume responsibility to provide our insights and recommendations to various Government agencies and departments to ensure that the best policy alternatives are implemented.