Points to take care while sending your ITR-V to the Income Tax Department


If you are filing the income tax return, you must be aware that once you file your income tax return online, an acknowledgement is generated (called as ITR-V), which is required to be signed and sent to the income tax department to the following address:

Income Tax Department – CPC, Post Bag No – 1, Electronic City Post Office, Bengaluru – 560100, Karnataka

Recently, several taxpayers have received notice from the Income tax department for non-filing of ITR, even after they have filed their returns. The prime reason for such notice has been due to rejection of ITR by the income tax department. Generally, the income tax department rejects the ITRs because taxpayers do not send their ITR-Vs in proper manner.


In this post, we have provided points to take care while sending your ITR-V to the income tax department.


  • Use Ink Jet /Laser printer to print the ITR-V Form, do not use Dot Matrix printer.
  • Make sure that your ITR-V Form is printed only in black ink (and not in any other colour).
  • Make sure that the printout is clear and not light or faded. This happens when your printer is short of ink.
  • Do not use any watermarks on ITR-V. The watermark of “Income tax Department” is automatically printed on the ITR-V.
  • The signed ITR-V which you send to the income tax department is the original copy and not duplicate or photocopy.
  • Form ITR-V has a bar code, make sure that the signatures are not written on the bar code.
  • Take the printout only on an A4 size white paper.
  • Do not write anything on the reverse side of ITR-V
  • Do not staple ITR-V.
  • Do not print anything on the back-side of the ITR-V.
  • Do not submit any annexures, covering letter, documents, and explanations along with ITRV.
  • The ITR-V form is required to be sent only by Ordinary or Speed Post.


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